AI Tech UK

AI Tech UK - A collaborative platform for AI Innovation

A platform to bring like-minded, passionate and enthusiastic people together. A forum that welcomes decision makers to decision influencers along with the hustlers, enablers, thinkers and disrupters all under one roof talking about the new data trend!

  • We are hosting AI-Tech North conference, which will be a major place where all the technology and AI leaders, practitioners and partners come together in Leeds. 
  • Showcasing innovation and talent within the artificial intelligence space.
  • Several exciting large-scale tech conferences planned for 2019-2020 with the first taking place in Leeds, West Yorkshire!

During the event, we will 

  • Share knowledge

  • Exchange Ideas

  • Debate on technology

  • See some cool advanced Analytics and AI demos

  • Ask the experts - Learn how to and explore what's next

  • Network