After struggling to find good music teachers for my children in my neighborhood, I came to the conclusion that there has to be a better way to find the right teacher: The idea of Apprentus was born.

The problem that my family and million others face each year is the difficulty of finding the right teacher nearby. You check the bulletin boards or go to classified websites to see what is available in your area. Next, you try (often unsuccessfully) to verify their quality, and finally, when you make a phone call you often find out that the teacher is not available when you are, not teaching children or the price is not right. This simple process can easily take hours, days, or weeks.

Apprentus is a trusted community marketplace that lets you find the right teacher within minutes.

With Marius Andra and Janne Harju, we launched a beta version of the website in 2013. Be it a new language, a school tutor for your children, or a music instrument you’d like to learn to play, on you can select the kind of class you are looking for, narrow your search results using filters and see a list of qualified and trusted teachers near you. The Apprentus team has spent months collecting the relevant information on each teacher presented, so you don’t need to.

Founded in 2014, with our world-class customer service, thousands of teachers, and a growing community of students, Apprentus is now the easiest way for teachers or wannabe teachers to monetize their knowledge as well as passion and showcase it to their local area.

More information on the co-founders Gaetan, Marius & Janne on the Team page.

We hope that will enjoy using Apprentus!