The Kaleidoscope Group

Our vision is to help shape a world where humankind sees no difference in ‘different’ and where every disabled person is a fair opportunity to realize their full potential through employment or entrepreneurship. 

The Kaleidoscope Group (Kg) offers disabled people access to four platforms through which their voices can be heard and they can be offered the opportunities that they deserve.

Those four platforms and the services they offer are:

1.       Kaleidoscope Investments (Ki) invests in disabled entrepreneurs with great ideas and helps them to start their own business.

2.       Kaleidoscope Recruitment (Kr) helps disabled people to discover their perfect career path and then find their ideal job.

3.       Kaleidoscope Advisory (Ka) offers Training / Audit / Well-being / Accessibility Services to Employers that hire disabled people.

4.        Kaleidoscope Foundation (Kfis an independent charity offering grants of up to £10,000 for social / charitable initiatives.