C&F school for international communication and leadership

C&F School is where you grow up.

C&F is a community for learning, communication, and activities. It costs over millions and covers more than 13,000 square meters, Built upon the foundation. Of childhood education, it enables local families to enjoy the highest quality of educational resources in the region, connect with like-minded parents, seek out unique experiences with their beloved ones and reaffirm their values. We have gathered 50,000 families from the city who share similar educational concepts and value their children’s long-term development. 

C&F School is where you connect the world.

In the complex age of information explosion, students need to connect with the world and develop the ability of extracting and processing valuable information. In light of this principle, C&F Bookstore is built to serve as the students’ information search platform. It also holds various theme activities every month.  

C&F School is where you enjoy life.

Here, children can also experience different leisures with their families on the weekend. With the C&F Bookstore and reading as the center of the lifestyle, C&F has been exploring better ways of getting more children out of the virtual games to experience the real world.

C&F is not just where you study and connect with the world, but also where you enjoy a healthy lifestyle. Each of our campuses is a composite educational and cultural facility designed for parents to spend a meaningful weekend with their children. Accommodations include coffee bar, sports center, art space, a nursery, library, multi-functional communication space, etc.

C&F School is where you succeed.

We have not only provided the best educational resources for local families but also attracted top talent of the region into education. Learning never ends. Exciting work makes a difference. Here colleagues and mentors are at the top of their fields. There are endless opportunities to expand what you know, develop your skills, and grow with a team that strives for the betterment of the city’s future. That’s life at C&F.

Equality, growth and variety, care and support, a sense of achievement... Aiming to enhancing the quality of human resources of the region, C&F is undoubtedly where you should start your career and achieve professional success.