Cognition Education

Cognition Education are a leading provider of education consultancy, professional learning and development, school management, media and publishing services. Cognition Education Group operate in more than 26 companies and deliver trusted educational services to public, private and not-for-profit sectors.

Founded in 1989, Cognition Education Group has grown from a service provider to New Zealand schools to become a leading global provider of choice for education consultancy, professional learning, early years and primary tutoring, e-learning and publishing services.

Working across our six international offices and three brands is a dynamic and multidisciplinary team who combine learning expertise with local knowledge to deliver services in over 26 countries. 

We’re passionate about helping our global clients to make informed decisions, understanding the full impact of their work. Using the very latest in global educational research, we equip clients from a wide range of sectors with the skills and knowledge to implement change.