Debate Mate is an educational organisation committed to helping young people recognise and realise their potential through acquiring key 21st century skills. Debate Mate launched in 30 London schools in 2007 and has expanded to nearly 250 schools across the UK in our 2019-20 programme. We recruit university students to mentor on our programmes and this is where you come in! You do not need any formal debating experience as we will give you all the training you require. 

One of the greatest inhibitors to social mobility is the lack of ‘soft skills’ of confidence, communication skills, creative and critical thinking, leadership, resilience, self-management and teamwork – which are exactly the skills that debating develops. Mentoring on our programme allows you to form bonds and change the lives of young people who are in most need of inspiring role models like yourselves. You also gain valuable experience that is great for your CV and are exposed to the organisations we work with, such as Teach First, Nomura, Credit Suisse, UBS, Deloitte and more! These organisations work in partnership with us because they want to employ people like you!