Balance Fertility

Balance Fertility is a partnership between Reproductive Biologist and Nutrition Scientist, Grace Dugdale, and Professor of Reproductive Medicine and Surgery, Adam Balen. We run a fertility and preconception care service in Leeds for couples and individuals trying to conceive and for women and anyone who menstruates who are experiencing reproductive health problems, including polycystic ovary syndrome. We have a successful track record of improving natural fertility in men and women, improving menstrual symptoms and improving outcomes of assisted reproductive technologies by integrating evidence-based natural and holistic based approaches with conventional medical care.  We also are passionate about empowering men and women through knowledge about their own bodies and reproductive health.  We have created a series of animations aimed to educate young people about these fundamental aspects of health (see as part of The British Fertility Society's Fertility Education Initiative.  Our book, The Fertility Book, is out next year. 

We have been running our service clinically in Leeds along side conventional IVF services for several years and we are migrating to an online service.  As such, we will be building our teams in the coming months and various longer-term roles will become available and look forward to engaging with students and graduates in the near future.