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Pandemic Proof Jobs Part 2

Pandemic Proof Jobs Part 2



Taking the hard work out of your job search.


On lockdown in Leeds? Want to earn some money from home, or see what jobs in the area are still running? Joblink has got you covered.

If you haven’t seen our first list, it can be found here. Lots of evergreen roles there.


A lot of our jobs research this week has turned up roles in sectors that need help more than usual in the current climate, such as in care and with the civil service. As always, please do consider whether the requirements for some of these would be right for you before applying, keep yourselves safe, and follow the governmental guidelines on movement.





Pride yourself on your empathy? Looking for a way to get into the care industry? Several Leeds care companies are looking for additional staff to meet demand. Most of the roles below provide training, a DBS check, and a uniform- all they ask of you is a positive, patient, and responsible mindset. (Please note some of these roles involve driving.)











In response to the measures announced by Rishi Sunak to combat loss of income, queries and claims, especially to departments such as the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) and HMRC, have increased dramatically. As such, the civil service have been opening rapid recruitment initiatives to gather the staff needed to meet demand. (You may have noticed one such opportunity on our Facebook page in recent days!) It’s normally fairly difficult to get into the civil service, so when opportunities like these emerge, they are a great way in.



If you’d be interested in working with the civil service, we’d recommend taking a look at their job site here and creating an account.



As mentioned in our previous post warehouse work is booming right now - fairly unsociable work but it's easy and consistent and the perfect job to keep cash coming in. Last time we pointed out some retail warehouses, but there are also other avenues - big warehousing companies who move big amounts of stock in the area include:



XPOLogisitics -


Have a difficult job page to navigate - the map system is strange (and also slightly out of date) so the classic drop and email and a call to your local warehouse may work - they mostly need warehouse workers but they if you like the look of any of their other roles definitely take a look (there website is geared towards there US branches but don't let that discourage you). Jobs here fluctuate so I’d highly recommend checking on these every few days.


Amazon -


Recruiting nationwide nearly every branch has an open space that you can apply for. If you’ve gone home or are still in Leeds there are roles for you anywhere. Similar to the XPO roles there are more roles out of warehouses, but the warehouse work is much more flexible.



Of course there are over warehouses but these are the big two - they definitely have a local branch that you can work for, a supplier for your supermarket for example.





Morrisons Warehouse Operative  -Apply here -



Bradford - Cutler Heights - Veg Production


Bradford - Greenside - Meat production


Wakefield - Rathbones -  Bread production


Harrogate - Flaxby - Bread and Egg production




Whilst a lot of start ups aren’t part time, we’re aware that a lot of people are looking for full time work - maybe you were working part time up until now, or with you final year wrapping up early it's time to find something a bit more permanent. Joblink has found a few international startups that are looking for staff - they all are willing to let you work from home. These are quite precise, some require very specific qualifications or skills but we thought we’d put them here anyway cause they might just be for you!


We’re dropping these here for you to explore, we’ll give you basic explanations of the company and what they’re about but some have too many roles for us to fit on this blog!


Marketing/HR staff - Want to know what international startups need people for their marketing teams? Look below at some startups that we’ve found  


Aha -

Aha is a ‘mind mapping’ software company that produces team planning software for big companies worldwide.


Evolving Wisdom -

Evolving Wisdom is a fast-growing, internationally acclaimed pioneer in the world of online learning. The focus on spiritual learning and teaching. They're looking for roles that require more experience however, but maybe there’s a job for you!


Software engineers/Website designers - Can you code? Made your own website? A bunch of new startups need people with tech experience to help them set up their websites and help develop their software, both for internal use and external sale.


Automattic -

Automattic are a software development company who help text based blog sites like Tumblr or Wordpress. Needing Back end developers, website designers and coders. They also have a huge number of legal team roles.


Clevertech -

Clevertech is a software development company that creates a lot of software and develops tech for banks like Lloyds.  Clevertech is hiring a product designer, a Python/React developer, a junior product development coordinator, and more.


Collage- makes customized products like personalized mugs and frames. is hiring a software engineering manager, a senior full stack software engineer, and more.


inVision is a design platform company that's worked with companies like Lyft, HBO, and IBM. inVision is hiring an engineering manager, an IT systems manager, a sales manager, and more.


Scraping Hub-

ScrapingHub turns websites into data with web scraping services. ScrapingHub is hiring a Python developer, and a quality assurance engineer.


Good Media Group-

Upworthy is a media website focused on topics such as inspiring news, the environment, and social justice. Upworthy is hiring a web engineer and a deputy director of audience development.



X-Team provides teams of developers for leading brands such as Dell, Discovery, and Fox. X-Team is hiring an AI engineer, a data scientist, a blockchain developer, and more.



As always Joblinks website is live and running with jobs that are active still - advertising roles with various employers in Leeds. Roles are various from assistant manager positions, to PA roles or tutoring in English there’s always options on the Joblink website.


More specifically roles include:

 Sun Generation Ltd - Remote Marketing Operations Internship -

People Matters - Support Worker -


The Phoenix Partnership - Part time writer -

Joblink is always here at or 0113 380 1441 if you have any queries or questions, happy to help during this period and we’ll be happy to help once we’re all in the clear :)


The Joblink team


Are you an employer or perhaps know an employer that we could feature on our next blog?

Please contact Alex at:   or call 0113 380 1440